Wonju January 2018

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Our trip to Wonju has come and passed and I am only now getting a chance to write about it.  We arrived in Wonju last Saturday afternoon and stayed until the following Saturday morning.

It was great to see our friends at Sein World Christian Church again.  We were greeted by a fantastic team that helped us working with the kids.  Michelle was our leader this year and she did a great job at organizing our camp so that we could be successful even though our team was super small.  In all we got to work with about 25 kids.  We were supposed to have about 30 but the flu is ravaging through South Korea just like it is in the USA.

I was excited to see some repeat students from the years before joining us for camp again.  I had a few students in my class that were in my class last year.  Ga Eun was back but sadly her sister was sick so was unable to make it.  They are a couple of twins that have been in my classes since I’ve been coming here.  They have really opened up over the years and were much more talkative this year.  Her and her sister joined us for dinner on our last night in Wonju and sat with me while we ate Dak Galbi.

One of my favorite parts about being in Wonju is the church family.  Their church is so hospitable and the families that take us in for the week are always great.  The last two years I stayed in the same home but this year was unable to because Mira (my Korea mom) was serving on a missions trip in Indonesia.  I got to see the family, though, at church and got to see Mira and her dog Gomi before I left.  Eungon (my Korea brother from the last two years) has gotten very tall!

This year I stayed with the Lee family.  Two of my Korea brother and sisters there – Jae Hyuk and Jae Hee were both in camp with us.  Jae Hyuk was in my English class.  I was very grateful for them to open their home for me and help care for me throughout the long, tiring week.  They introduced me to some new foods both at home and going out to eat a few times.  Jae Hyuk crushed me at chess and a few other games throughout the week.  Each morning I would walk from their place to the church for camp with some of the kids.  I included a picture of us walking to camp one morning below.

There were so many volunteers that gave their time to help us make the camp possible and I won’t be able to name them all here.  If you’re reading this, you know who you are and the Footsteps Team thanks you so much for helping us out and loving on the kids.  We couldn’t have done it without you all.

Our team had some fun in Wonju – going to Oak Valley ski park to play in the snow, going to the Pig Culture Center to pet pigs and then eat their friends and family, seeing the art exhibits at Museum San, and eating those really good milkshakes in a bag from E-Mart.

I’ve included some pictures from our time in Wonju on this post.  Check them out!  I’m looking forward to coming back again next winter.